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НОМ - Russisches Schwein
Brute of a Rap  
Well, here's a man from a business-trip. He comes home,
and the first thing he sees - a pair of enormous boots
standing at the door! He enters the room and discovers
a huge overjacket hanging on two chairs! He runs to the
bedroom then and sees a monstrous-size negro lying on
his wife! What to do? The man hurries to the kitchen,
grabs a frying-pan, runs back into the bedroom and hits
the negro right on the ass with it! And that negro turns
his head and says: "O'K! I've got it inside!"

Well, once a russian, a german and a french bet on -
who could refrain from shitting longer! So, they put
them into 3-storeyed building: the russian on the
ground-floor, the french - on the first, and the german -
on the second. A week passed... The german couldn't stand
anymore! So, he made a hole in the floor and shitted
himself out into it! The french saw this shit and did
the same! The Commission came to examine them.
The german's room is clean. The french's is clean but
stinky. They came down to the russian's door and knoked
at it - silence! They shouted: "Hey! Open up!" And the
voice came from behind the door: "Wait! I'm just swimming up!"

- Fantomas, beware! Flying Dick is on the air!
- Ha! Ha! Ha! ...Um, um, um.....

Misha comes to Grisha and says: "Look, they've found a
speaking well!" - "Really?" -"Sure! Let's check it!
Come on!" So, they came to that well, Misha put his head
into the well's opening and shouted: "In the night who's
always sick?!" And the well answers: "Dick! ..Dick!.. Dick!"
Misha shouted again: " Who's been fucked by elephant?!"
The well answers: "Cunt!... Cunt!... Cunt!"
Grisha says: "Let me try" and shouts: "Who's stolen our
party due?" The well answers: "You!... You!... You!"
"Great!" Grisha said "This well knows everything!
Bury it to fucking hell!!"