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НОМ - Russisches Schwein
Sasha! Sasha! Sasha! Sasha!
Look - this is our chairman!
Rat of the rats, muzzle of tatar!
I am - woman of Russia - 
Live among rats...

 Scum! Filth! Trash! Crap!

And you, Tamara, know!
Sasha! Sasha!

You ain't got enough,
You still wanna know,
You - bitch of a woman,
Cheap dirty slut!
 Scum! Filth! Trash! Crap!
But I come from the nineteenth century!

Senka Mosgaz!

Nice picture - Peter the First on a horse!
Do you know, where the bread grows?
First by train, and then by car?
Piss off, skinny rat! I'll beat you! 
Sasha! Sasha!

I wish I had two such guys in my crew!

Dear boys, dear boys, what should I do with you?
Guys! Such handsome guys!
Guys! Such handsome guys! 
Mother, could you imagine,
How I miss the lithuanian bread?!

Senka Mosgaz!

Sasha! Sasha!
The most impudent, exceedingly gobbling,
Swimming in luxury
Gang of tatars!