В начало
НОМ - Russisches Schwein
Money rules the world of people.
Only money leads the ways.
If you have another idol 
You will lose the whole race.

Earlier, I heard, the beggars
Died for metal. Oh, my dear!
Outwore their shoes in Mecca
Looking for their strange ideal.

Our times are not for weaklings.
Not for eggheads with their shortsight.
Women never take their weakness
Even if they're pretty fly.

Want to live? Be spry and nimble.
Cannot? Find yourself in dump.
Say good-bye to your pink childhood,
Don't be sorry, go to front.

   Froglet! To front!

By the way my name is Gena,
That is Master in Ivrit
And my uncle is your header.
Life in clover! What a treat!

He's an old man, Borukh Froglet.
Everybody knows this cheat:
In the Galaxy Committee
He's the first who won the seat.


As for me with his protection
I will make a good career.
Fuck your pig-sty research centre!
I will stay no longer here.

I am blessed with uncle's glory.
He is mighty, strong and mean.
Who's exchanged an oscillator
For two packs of margarine?